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November 2019

GB Obesitas -now also working on behalf of Region Skåne!

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Our personnel and surgical team at GB Obesitas Skåne -under the leadership of Dr. Gislason and Dr. Broden -worked for many years at Aleris Obesitas in Malmö and Kristianstad. This included private and public funded surgery. Last spring, our team and Aleris went separate ways when Aleris ended its public obesity surgery business (post operative check-ups at Aleris will take place another six months, but no new publicly funded operations are performed).

During the summer, Region Skåne issued a new tender for publicly funded obesity surgery, for which we submitted an ambitious and serious offer on 12 September. The analysis and decision-making process is now completed and GB Obesitas Skåne won the contract. Earlier this week we could formally sign the agreement with Region Skåne -so now we can release the news:

GB Obesitas Skåne works on behalf of Region Skåne from 1 January 2020!

This agreement applies to public obesity surgery and runs until 31 December 2025, with the possibility of extension after that for another two years.

The following is clear: GB Obesitas becomes a direct referral body, a doctor’s referral letter or patient’s own referral letter must no longer go through the surgery clinic in Landskrona. We will follow Region Skåne’s guidelines for obesity surgery, that document you can find on the Region Skåne official website. In short, the indications for a publicly funded operation are the following;

  • 18 – 65 years of age> with BMI 40
  • 18 – 65 years of age> with BMI 35 and a co-morbidity linked to the obesity disease; such as Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, severe osteoarthritis of weight-bearing joint, and more.

The procurement includes on-call preparedness for possible complications after the procedure and one year of medical follow-up. All of our patients have access to the digital support tool Baribuddy, and are continuously reported to the Swedish Obesity Surgery registry SOReg.


The procurement also has a “secondary care chain”

This means that a referral can be made to the assessment of long-term problems after previous obesity surgery. We will set up a structured care package for this. The procurement allows for everything from out patient visits to diagnostic laparoscopy and renewed surgical procedures. We will return with more details.

Operations at the Centralsjukhuset in Kristianstad, CSK

As with previous procurements (which were previously won by Aleris), GB Obesitas Skåne will have access to the ward and operating room at CSK in Kristianstad. This allows for safe surgery even in more complex patient cases, with the backing of the hospital’s other resources when required. We will start by calling those to preoperative checklist that are already in the existing public queue to obesity surgery. You who belong to this group will be contacted by us in due time. Many details remain to be solved. Keep an eye on our digital platforms and we will provide more information on an ongoing basis!

Our private obesity surgery and obesity care continues as before

-with procedures includinggastric bypass, sleeve gastrektomy, SASI, revisional surgery, distal gastric bypass and medical packages. Read more in the section packages and prices. Our information meetings can be found here.

We are now taking the next step towards our high set goals for GB Obesitas Skåne -to become a complete center for advanced Obesity Care: with educational initiatives for the public including lectures on Best Weight, lectures for health care professionals, primary obesity surgery including complication management and follow-up, secondary care chains with care for those with long-term problems after previous surgery, as well as active clinical research.

Many details remain, and it is still too early to send your referral letters directly to us. But follow us on our platforms and we’ll keep you updated -we’re also on Facebook and Instagram.


Dr Hjörtur Gislason, Dr. Carl-Magnus Broden and the entire GB Obesitas team