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Public gastric bypass and sleeve

We work on behalf of Region Skåne with public surgeries.

Covid-19 and the corona virus epidemic:we are in regular contact with Region Skåne regarding the management of this. The majority of our public operations take place at the Central Hospital in Kristianstad, CSK. Information about the virus epidemic can be found on the region’s own website.

UPDATE: We are currently stopped from operating on public patients. The current decision applies until .m week 5, but may be extended (depending on the corona situation within Region Skåne).

Obesity with BMI > 40 is a recognized risk group for more severe progression of Covid-19 – to read the report click here. For those of you who need to get this connection certified, here is a certificate to download and fill out.

In view of Covid-19 and the Corona virus epidemic, we will have some doctor, dietician and nurse visits via the video platform Doxy.me.


Information about current queue times can be found via SKR’s internet portal Waiting Times in Health Care.

More information about Region Skåne’s procurement can be found here.

Referral: In order to become a public patient with us, we need a referral. Your family physician can help you with a referral. The alternative is that you yourself write a so-called self-referral.

Fill out self-referral digitally or download PDF and print

If you print your own referral, it should then be sent to us at:
GB Obesitas Skåne
Skeppsbron 11
211 20 Malmö

Our care starts with a group information visit. Here you get the opportunity to learn more about weight, obesity and the different operations. We will answer your questions and concerns -and then you decide if you want to move on towards surgery or not.

The next step is a check-listing with one of our doctors. This is like a major health survey – we find out if we can operate on you and which procedure would suit you best. Together with you we make a plan, then schedule an appointment for surgery.