From 1 January 2020 GB Obesitas Skåne works on behalf of Region Skåne with public surgery.

Referral: In order to become a public patient with us, we need a referral. Your family physician can help you with a referral. The alternative is that you yourself write a so-called self-referral. Link to this can be found here.

The referral should then be sent to us at: GB Obesitas Skåne, Östra Varvsgatan 4, 21175 Malmö.


Our care starts with a group information visit. Here you get the opportunity to learn more about weight, obesity and the different operations. We will answer your questions and concerns -and then you decide if you want to move on towards surgery or not.

The next step is a check-listing with one of our doctors. This is like a major health survey – we find out if we can operate on you and which procedure would suit you best. Together with you we make a plan, then schedule an appointment for surgery.

In view of Covid-19 and the Corona virus epidemic, we will have some doctor, dietician and nurse visits via the video platform

Information in connection with GB Obesitas Skåne takeover of Region Skåne’s obesity operations.

Patients who are already operated on and are waiting for a check-up visit will get appointments according to the care plan. Separate notice for this comes in the mail.

For those patients waiting to be called for a first visit, you will get an appointment time and date in the mail. All patients are called in turn and start from when the referral was initially received at the hospital in Landskrona. Exactly when the summons will be sent out, we cannot answer at this early stage. The waiting time will gradually decrease, but the Swedish health care guarantee we will not be able to reach in 2020 as the queues we have taken over already exceed that time.

More information about Region Skåne’s procurement can be found here.

Covid-19 and coronavirus: we are in regular contact with Region Skåne regarding the management of this epidemic. Since the majority of our public operations take place at Centralsjukhuset in Kristianstad, CSK, operations may in some cases be rescheduled – in case our operations within CSK should become affected. Information about the virus epidemic can be found on the region’s own website –click here.