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Company Facts GB Obesitas Skåne AB

Our trade association Vårdföretagarna Almega advocates that companies in welfare (school, health care & care) openly show company facts. The aim is to show that private companies in welfare work at least as hard and seriously as our public colleagues. We follow the same high standards and guidelines and would like to contribute to transparency and openness.

We thus wish to present the following information:

GB Obesitas Skåne AB
Skeppsbron 11
21120 Malmö, Sweden
Telefon 070-6024056
E-mail: carl@gbobesitas.com

Basic facts
The company conducts obesity care, both publicly and privately financed. GB Obesitas operates public patients on behalf of Region
Skåne procurement Obesity surgery (reference number 1703346). Contract start 2020-01-01, duration 5+2 years.

40 employees -34 women and 6 men, corresponding to approximately 37 full-time positions, July 2022.
The above includes specialist doctors, nurses, nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists and administrative staff.

The company has a collective union agreement with Vårdföretagarna Almega.


Management, owners and finances

More information about GB Obesitas Skåne AB can be found on allabolag.se.

Owners: Hjörtur Gislason, Carl-Magnus Broden and Magnus Hjaltalin Jonsson.



Region Skåne conducts an annual audit of our operations.
We participate in the following national quality registers: The Swedish Obesitas Surgery Registry –SOReg.