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Welcome to GB Obesitas at Skeppsbron in Malmö, Sweden

What We Are

We are northern Europe’s biggest expert clinic in gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, SASI, distal gastric bypass, complication surgery, and more.

What Our Team Offers

Led by chief surgeon Hjörtur Gislason, our team offers
-experience from 22000+ bariatric operations
-friendly, dedicated English speaking staff
-a stay at our beautiful ’old style’ surgery clinic
-easy access from Copenhagen Airport
-no waiting times for consultation and surgery

Our Prices

A gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy costs 84900 SEK including 2 year follow up. Contact us for the complete price list!

Do You Live In The United Kingdom?

Check Out Our All Inclusive GBO UK Package!

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Are you interested? Contact us at info@gbobesitas.com or fill in the contact form -we reply within 24 hours!