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Quality Over Quantity

Book our GBO UK Package -easy, all inclusive, safe and professional.


The GBO UK Package includes:

  • extensive preoperative information, answer to all your questions
  • checklisting via video meet with our physicians
  • info from our dieticians and nurses
  • laparoscopic gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery
  • 2 expert surgeons performing your operation
  • postoperative care and overnight observation at our clinic
  • booking for 4 nights at nearby hotel -want to bring a relative? No problem, there’s space for them too!
  • all complication management needed prior to return home
  • all perioperative medications
  • unlimited postoperative support for 2 years
  • tailored Fitforme vitamin supplements for 2 years PLUS:
  • on demand dietician counseling via Fitforme thereafter, just keep using their supplements!

How does it work? It’s this easy:

  • Monday: fly in to Copenhagen Airport CPH. This you pay yourself.
  • Take the train over the bridge to Malmö, check in to your hotel.
  • Tuesday: you go to our clinic at Skeppsbron where we welcome you.
  • We perform your laparoscopic bariatric operation in full anesthesia.
  • You spend 2 hours at recovery and then the night at our ward.
  • Wednesday: late morning you can check out and go to your hotel again.
  • Thursday: check in with our staff at the clinic, then enjoy Malmö!
  • Friday: final check in with us; if all is OK you can now fly home!
  • You now enter our two year unlimited support package.
  • At the two year check-up, we make sure you get the proper documentation and referral to your local GP for further follow-up.

UK Package 7900 GBP

Gastric bypass / sleeve package including complete stays in Malmö, surgery, complication management in Malmö, medications, vitamin supplements and unlimited two year follow up.

Contact us if you are interested in UK packages for other surgery methods, as we also perform SASI, distal gastric bypass (after weight regain), revisional surgeries and anatomic reversals of gastric bypass.