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Info meetings on obesity surgery

Online meetings, new visits and lectures

GB Obesitas and Metabolt Center’s joint info meetings are the natural first step before possible surgery with us. These are always free of charge. We discuss around obesity, weight physiology, why dieting often doesn’t work, as well as the pros and cons of obesity surgery.

-PRICE free of charge

-We offer first visits flexibly based on what suits you. Contact us and we will find you an appointment.

-We offer information meeting online (via Zoom):

Monday 9 October. Starts at 6:30 p.m CET (17:30 GMT in the UK) (in Swedish with Dr Broden, join us online from home!) Sign up below and enter your email address. Arranged in collaboration with Metabolt Center in Gothenburg!

There are no obligations, we promise that you will learn something new and we will do everything we can to answer your questions. If you have any personal questions, email directly to info@gbobesitas.comor use the contact form.

“Weight regain after previous obesity surgery” online with Dr. Broden will be held Wednesday 27 September, Register below.

Dr. Broden regularly holds the “Refresher Course for Bariatric Surgery Patients” online via Zoom. Open to anyone who has previously had obesity surgery, 1 or 15 years ago, in Sweden or elsewhere. Get tips and advice on common problems, ask questions and give yourself and your surgery a “fresh start”! The next course is Wednesday, October 18. Sign up below.

Book an info meeting or lecture below!