Marie from Lomma

I checked online and found an info meeting for your team. The meeting with Dr. Broden was as if you were "talking about me" and I was completely taken by this...

My name is Marie Lindvall and I am 56 years old, have a husband and three children, as well as 7 grandchildren! I work as a self-employed hairdresser since 20 years, I run Salong M in Lomma.

What attempts to lose weight had you tried earlier in life? How’d it go?

From the age of 24-25, I have dieted with Weight Watchers for 5 rounds, gone on soups, used Herbalife and Xtravaganza several times, tried Itrim. All the time with the result weight down and then up again -more than I went down. The last attempt before surgery was Xtravaganza for 6 weeks.

Why did you choose surgery?

Astman got worse and worse, I even got treated in the hospital. Nothing helped me. I also got recurrent pneumonias. I felt down. Then my doctor at the City clinic in Lund told me about the possibility of surgery.

I checked online and found an info meeting for your team. The meeting with Dr. Broden was as if you were “talking about me” and I was completely taken by this. I decided there and then for surgery. I also met Dr. Kamran Shah and discussed it with him. Two weeks later, I had surgery.

Was there anything special you were worried about before the surgery?

No, not worried. I had been informed of the risks at the info meeting but felt safe. I did so my gastric bypass surgery in March 2019.

How did it go for you after your surgery?

The first operation felt like everything was going well. I lay inside overnight and then went home. At home after 3-4 days, however, I began to get abdominal pain and nausea. It got worse and worse and eventually I threw up. I called the hotline and talked to Dr. Shah. First I had to go to the emergency room at SUS Lund.

I didn’t really feel this was taken seriously at first, but Dr. Shah called the emergency room and then I came to the X-ray. The CT scan revealed a blockage in my intestines and I got a V-probe into my stomach. There was a lot of fluid coming out of this. I was transported to CSK in Kristianstad and your staff. The next day I had surgery again and the bowel connection was remade on my bypass. I was inside for a week and was then able to go home. I then had a gastrostomy catheter for drainage, this was removed after about 6 weeks. After the reoperation, I was tired but have since felt great. I came home from the hospital again and started over with liquid diet and then mashed food. This went without a problem and I was able to start with normal diet. I managed to walk every day.

What was your long-term goal with the surgery? How’s it going?

To reach 78 kg! Get better in astma and lung function. I don’t take asthma medications at all anymore. Absolutely amazing! I train and walk without any problems.

What did you weigh before surgery? What do you weigh today?

109 kg with BMI 37.7 before surgery. Today I weigh 67 kg and have normal BMI of 23.2!

What do you see today as the benefits of having surgery?

The surgery is a complete life change for me. Absolutely amazing, you can run, play with your grandchildren, go hiking, bike vacations -you name it!

Is there anything you miss that you can no longer do – eat, drink, other?

I eat every three hours, three cooked meals and three snacks. I eat good food and i get everything i need. I can stand most things, but I keep the crowds down. I dump on too much sugar or if I eat too fast. Eating too much “goes” is not possible, which feels good. I used to have no sense of satiety at all, but I do now.

Do you have any advice to give to someone who is thinking of having surgery for obesitas/obesity disease?

Get as much info as you can! Understand that it is not a “quick fix” but that you need to change the way you live. You need to learn how to handle your body properly. It takes a lot of work. It’s a new life you start.

Would you recommend GB Obesitas to someone else?

Absolutely! (Although I got a complication!). The time at the hospital was still rewarding for me, I met others who would have surgery on CSK and taught myself even more, which I benefited from when I got home. I was able to share my experience of my complication with them as well. Everything was handled amazingly well from start to finish.

Do you have anything else you want to tell us about?

I am so terribly happy and satisfied that I have done this. It’s a life change on every level. I feel like I can now avoid illness.

Quick facts

  • Has gone from 109 kg to 67 kg
  • Lost 42 kg in 7 months
  • Operated in March 2019
  • Started a new life
  • Exercises and walks without problems