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Mari from Malmö

I was a bit nervous before the surgery but it went OK, because I was well treated and cared for by all the staff inside the hospital ...

I am a 30 year old woman who has been married for 3 years and 9 months, without children. I am a nanny but work as a student assistant with autism and disabled students in a private school.

Tried all diets with no results

I have tested different methods and different kinds of diet but without results! Unfortunately as soon as I eat something I shouldn’t eat, or get sick I get bad results. I have tested the diets and exercise, LCHF, but had problems with the stomach because of the fat, I have tested several more and been many times to different nutritionists but without results, it goes so slowly because of my PCOS on both ovaries!

I chose to do surgery because that’s the safe and healthy way for me, I know several people who have done it and they feel really good afterwards.

I was a bit nervous before the surgery. But it went well. I was well treated and cared for by all the staff inside the hospital.

Sleeve Gastrectomy at GB Obesitas

I did Gastric Sleeve surgery on September 24 in Kristianstad.

I had no worries before the surgery but just tense and nervous about how it would be.

But as soon as I got into the hospital I became calm and the staff took care of me really nice and helpful and nice during my time there then the first second until I went home. I had difficulty of course late with the food and everything was new routine for me and I learn until now to eat slowly and a bit in peace and quiet. But I often get acid reflux and heartburn and I always get answers from you when I call. You’re really the best surgeons.

I am 150 cm tall and weighed 83 kg and I had 90% pain in my legs and none of the care could help me but I was always told “Mari you are overweight and have obesity! You need to lose weight,” hurtful words like that always. My goal is to weigh 50 kg max. I’ve lost about 15 kg in 2 months. And I’m really happy and feel like a new person. Feel better simply. I eat healthy and exercise.

I weighed 83 kg before the operation but went down to 77 kg to the day of surgery and today I weigh 68 kg.

“Born again”

My benefit with the surgery is that I feel better, lighter body without pain in my legs and I was born again simply! I never regret it!

Everything takes its time when it comes to food and drinking but there are no worries that it will get better and better over time.

My advice is to believe in yourself and everything takes its time but you have to be patient and be sure of yourself. You should not listen to the negative people and if you are overweight and have obesity then the best way is the operation without repenting.

I recommend strong GB Obesitas because you take care of the person from the first second until further notice with your warm hearts and words. You’re just positive people who share joy.

Quick facts

  • Weighed 83 kg at surgery
  • Lost 15 kg in two months
  • Operated september 2020
  • Feels better and lives without pain
  • Feels reborn!