Standard Package

Surgical Package, Standard Gastric bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy

Packages include:

  • Pre-operative advice
  • Laparoscopic surgery in full anesthesia
  • Postoperative observation and care at our clinic
  • Direct telephone to our surgeon on call the first 30 days after surgery
  • If necessary, treatment of problems and surgical complications during these 30 days
  • Follow-up according to our program
  • Free counseling of dietitian and nurse the first two years after surgery
  • Surgeon contacts as needed are also included

-If you live more than 2-3 hours drive from our clinic , you will need to stay at the hotel first days after the operation, before you go home. You for this yourself. We will help you with advice on this when you contact us.

-PRICE 79900 SEK

Our Other Packages

  • Operating package SASI -single anastomosis sleeve ileal bypass

Packages with the same content as the Standard operating package, but after a SASI we follow you with metabolic checks for 5 years after the operation. Appropriate situations for a SASI can be high BMI or weight regain after a previous sleeve gastrectomy operation.

-PRICE Primary SASI-Operation 90000 SEK, in addition to pre-existing Sleeve Gastrectomy 75000 SEK.

  • Distal gastric bypass in cases of gaining weight after previous gastric bypass

Packages with the same content as Standard operating packages, but after a distal gastric bypass we follow you with metabolic checks for 5 years after surgery.

-PRICE distal gastric bypass 100 000 SEK

  • Complication management after previous bariatric surgery

-If you have done obesity surgery in the past, for example gastric banding, gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy -and now have chronic problems, then we can in the appropriate cases tailor an investigative and/or surgical package to help you.

Examples may be conversion surgery from gastric banding or sleeve to gastric bypass, pain evaluation after gastric bypass, etc. Please contact us if you are interested.

-PRICE conversion operation from VBG/gastric banding or sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass 85 000 SEK including two year follow-up.

Other actions: Contact us.


  • Reversal of gastric bypass back to normal anatomy

A gastric bypass can be reconnected back to normal anatomy, if daily life after the bypass does not work at all and nothing else helps. Contact us for a consultation with one of our experienced surgeons, and in appropriate cases surgical reversal back to normal anatomy.

PRICE 85 000 SEK including one year follow-up.

Medical Packages

  • Medical Packages

There are now effective medicines for obesity.

They are prescription-only but lack subsidy (cost about 36-83 SEK per day, depending on the type of drug). If you are prepared to pay for the cost of medicines yourself, we can prescribe it and then follow up the treatment effect.

PRICE 5000 SEK incl 6 months follow-up (the cost of medication is added, this you pay for yourself).

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