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Private gastric bypass and sleeve

We operate on Swedish, Danish and international patients

Healthcare with us often starts with an information meeting, currently primarily online. Here you get the opportunity to learn more about weight, obesity and the different operations. We answer your questions and concerns -and then you decide if you want to go ahead or not.

The next step is a check-listing with one of our doctors. This is like a major health survey – we find out if we can operate on you and which procedure would suit you best. Together with you we make a plan, then schedule an appointment for surgery.

In case of private gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, you are admitted to observation at least one night after the procedure, then you can go home again. (If you live far away, we recommend 2 extra nights in a hotel nearby before you go home. You will get more information about this at the checklisting.)

We then have a surgeon on call the first 90 postoperative days for you in case something should happen, and you can call us around the clock.

The out patient unit performs follow-ups with group visits as well as additional advice if necessary. Group visits take place after 3 and 12 months and then annually, depending on which package you choose to buy.

We can also help with the investigation and treatment of problems in previously operated patients -and if nothing else works even reconnect a gastric bypass to normal anatomy; or convert a sleeve gastrectomy into a gastric bypass or SASI. All of these special packages have special price lists.

Contact us and we will help you further!

Queue update for private operations: We have virtually no queues at all to our private operations.

Corona virus/Covid-19 update:

Our private surgeries in Malmö continue as usual. The out patient unit is open as usual, but with visitor restrictions and increased use of digital appointments.