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Revision surgery

Complication management
  • If you already have had gastric banding, VBG, a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve – and have chronic problems, in some cases we can help you with a tailored package of investigation and/or surgery
  • Conversion surgery from gastric banding, VBG or sleeve to gastric bypass, investigation of pain problems after gastric bypass, etc.
Reversal surgery
  • Reversal srgery of gastric bypass back to normal anatomy
  • This could be the solution if the daily life after surgery does not work and nothing else helps
  • Contact us for a consultation with one of our experienced surgeons and learn more about reversal surgery

The surgery package includes:

  • Pre-surgery counselling
  • Laparoscopic surgery in full anesthesia with two performing surgeons.
  • Inpatient care post-surgery at our clinic
  • Direct phone number to our surgeon’s hotline the first 90 days after the surgery
  • Treatment of possible problems and surgical complications as needed the first 90 days after surgery.
  • Follow-up according to our program
  • Free advice by dietitian and nurse for the first two years after surgery
  • Contact with our doctors as needed
  • Follow-up with metabolic controls for 2 years after surgery

If you live more than 2-3 hours of driving from our clinic, it is necessary that you stay at a hotel for the first few days after the surgery before going home. This you’ll pay yourself.
You are always welcome to contact us and learn more about how we can help you

Conversion surgery from VBG/gastric banding or sleeve to gastric bypass:

85000 SEK Incl. two years follow-up


Reversal surgery: SEK 85 000 including one year follow-up



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