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SASI surgery

What is a SASI?
  • SASI stands for Single Anastomosis Sleeve Ileal Bypass
  • This surgery is a hybrid between a gastric bypass and a gastric sleeve surgery
Suitable for
  • High BMI
  • In case of weight regain after Gastric Sleeve

The surgery package includes:

  • Pre-surgery counselling
  • Laparoscopic surgery in full anesthesia with two performing surgeons.
  • Inpatient care post-surgery at our clinic
  • Direct phone number to our surgeon’s hotline the first 90 days after the surgery
  • Treatment of possible problems and surgical complications as needed the first 90 days after surgery.
  • Follow-up according to our program
  • Free advice by dietitian and nurse within the first five years after surgery
  • Contact with our doctors as needed
  • Metabolic controls for 5 years after surgery

If you live more than 2-3 hours of driving from our clinic, it is necessary that you stay at a hotel for the first few days after the surgery before going home. This you’ll pay yourself.
We advise you on this, when you contact us.

Primary SASI surgery: SEK 90,000
Supplement to existing gastric sleeve: 75 000 SEK



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