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Tina from Hjärup

I have had problems with weight all my life and have several times tried to lose weight in different ways...

My name is Tina Jensen and I’m almost 48 years old. I live in Hjärup with my husband Anders and our dog Kajsa. I work as a project manager, love crime fiction and dried mango.

What attempts to lose weight had you tried earlier in life? How’d it go?

What I have not tried is well rather the question. When I thought about whether I should make another attempt to lose weight, I wrote up a list of all that I’ve done over the years. Here’s the list so hold on:

I’ve stopped eating sugar, eating more greens, drinking more water, more protein, lemon water, ginger shots, turmeric shots, green powders, protein powders, juice diets. I’ve tried WW grocery bag and prepared grocery bag. Mass health supplements such as diet pills, chromium, diuretic, detox/gut cleansing pills. I’ve been testing acupuncture – bullet in the ear that I was going to press and which I pressed… Until I was completely sore in the ear. And reflexology, LPG treatments, mud and detox in gaskets in the hope that cm will disappear.

I have counted calories, I have counted points, I have posted in apps and in book, I have moderated with palm / fist, eaten on assiette, eaten on assiette in special colors, with music or silent when I eat, in front of screen / without screen, not eaten after a certain time or before a certain time, eaten only when I am hungry (which I always am …), stop when I am measured (which never happens …), eat at exact time. I have an app to keep track of how many days I refrained from something such as cookies, soft drinks.

Weighed me every day, once a week, once every two weeks, once a month, not at all. I have an excel sheet with weight, know exactly what I weighed at a certain point in the head (eg 90th birthday party, wedding, the holiday trip). I’ve measured myself with tape measure every week, or once a month. Moderated with the clothes, gone after feeling how they sit. I have taken motivational pictures before/after, create goal pictures, done various mental exercises, gone to yoga, meditation, mindful eating course.

I have bought and read various cookbooks, self-help books, CBT books, health books, I have gone to lots of inspirational evenings, lectures and events. I have trained as a Stress Educator, Health Advisor and Dietary Advisor. The latter 3 times in different training places.

I’ve had bracelets to remind myself not to eat sugar, rubber bands to snap myself when I get the urge. I have worn out various pedometers and sneakers by chasing 10,000 steps/day worldwide (parking lots in Jordan, hotel corridors in Mexico, oslo airport .m.), Plus activity band, Polar clock, Fitbit watches.

I have gone on training trips, training weekends, done various training challenges. Had training cards at lots of gyms (at one time 3 at the same time…). I’ve run a running exercise program and run the Girl Mile. I have tested most of the forms of exercise there. Jumped on training streaks x number of days. I have had PT- Jenny, PT-Marie, PT-Malou, PT-Katarina, Mammafitness – Olga Rönnberg, Life at Core – Madeleine, PT-Sara and PT-Katarina No. 2 as coaches and diet ary schedules. I have created my own training and diet schedule. I have trained as a training instructor, Kettlebell instructor, TRX instructor. Gone to Gothenburg, Motala, Stockholm etc to hunt for any tips / coach / course.

I have with my 100-kilo body pressed me again all weekend with several hours of kettlebell training that has been exhausting for a slim, fit person. Until I basically haven’t been able to walk. Sprung Tjejmilen on pure will with 100 kilos body so I got heel spurs that I had to be dragged with for 3 years, or trained then with taped foot with open flesh wounds just because I would. Or gone with another heel spur for 1 year for due to training with too heavy body. I have trained two sessions a day and eat as little calories as possible. Plus bike commuted 15 kilometres per day for extra training.

Lived on substitutes such as Nutrilett/Itrim a total of 1 year of my life (though not in a row), or run on protein bars and eat one real meal per day, I have run sugar-free 1 year, x number of days, eating days, choose 1 thing/1 opportunity per week. I have run LCHF, Low carbohydrate diet /LCHQ (even been on the headline with Fredrik Paulun), Paleo, 5:2, Periodisk fasta, VV Online times 4 rounds, VV Lund, VV Coach Online, Itrim times 2 at center (Lund, Malmö), Itrim times 2 a 12 weeks myself, plate model, vegetarian (for they are of course narrow), GI.

All for a single purpose – lose weight! Yes you name it and I’ve done it! I have lost 52 kilos at most but several tons if I put together all the weight loss rounds. I am cruel at losing weight and an expert in weight loss. Just one problem – I’m going up again and then some. And it gets tougher and tougher every year. Especially mentally because I feel totally unsuccessful and useless. It’s me that’s wrong! It’s because I have such a bad character and everyone else can resist hunger and temptation. I still consider myself driven as few, stubborn, forehead-shaped, purposeful, intelligent, competent but my body and bud didn’t want to cooperate…

Why did you choose surgery?

My biggest reason was and is: I want to live and I want to be as healthy as I can in the meantime. I was at my deepest bottom in the fall of 2018 and saw this as my last chance. It was only a matter of time before I would get seriously ill and what also scared me was that even my body began to give up. I started to have difficulty walking, working out was no longer an opportunity, pain in joints, tightness across the chest and always breathless m.m. And this made me think and think. What are my options? Booked me into an information meeting together with her husband and after that I felt that I will never have a chance to manage to keep the weight without help.

If you were a private patient, why did you choose us?

I could have had my surgery paid for through the county council but I couldn’t go through the process psychologically. Did a lot of research and chose the best team in my eyes! And it was just the right decision. Has been so well taken care of since day 1.

Was there anything special you were worried about before the surgery?

Not to have the effect of the operation i.e. that I would not lose weight or still feel constant hunger. Worried me for a very long time and is still a ghost that shows up from time to time.

What surgery did you do and when?

Gastric bypass on April 8, 2019.

How did you do before-after your surgery? While you were hospitalized, the first few weeks afterwards, escalate your diet, complications or problems? Did you get help with what we needed?

It was tough to go on the fluency the weeks before and I’ll admit I cheated a few times. Above all, it was tough psychologically because I could not cope with another “diet ing attempt”. No problem when I was hospitalized but really recommend to take to you the advice from the first second ie up and move you, get in you water.

The first few weeks I was so focused on the clock. Set it for the next meal, when it was time to drink etc. So those weeks are like a fog. Tough at first to get in to chew well, eat slowly and of course you get hungry for everything that “you can not eat”. And that protein powder you’d have in everything… It just didn’t work out and I still can’t eat anything powdery like that.

I’ll also be honest with the fact that I’ve never felt as bad as I’ve done in the last 18 months. Sometimes because I ate too little protein and too much carbohydrates. Sometimes because I’m waiting to drink water. Sometimes because I ate something too fast. Sometimes Because I ate too fat or too sweet. But luckily it usually goes over after about 30 minutes. Though this was not something I was prepared for but has been taught to live with. Different for everyone and different reactto different things for example when it comes to food. Regardless, I absolutely do not regret my decision because before I could feel sick because I ate too much …

Do you have any special memories from the first time you want to share?

Haha do not try a sun salutation to stretch your back. Jokes aside were prepared to be a little depressed and sad. Felt like a period of mourning to go through not being able to eat like before. Everything felt a bit boring and to go out and eat was not worthit. But believe me it passes and you adapt to your new everyday life.

What was your long-term goal with the surgery? How’s it going?

To live! May sound clichébut I’ve really got my life back. I can go for a walk without getting hurt and be skin-like. I can train what I want. I sleep so much better. I don’t hurt everywhere. Then I will not knit under the chair but of course I no longer want to weigh 3-digit. My goal was / is to reach under 75 kilos because then I knew that I feel good and feel strong. The dream goal was to reach 70 kilos within 18 months of my surgery. And I just managed on the finish line but I’ve had to fight for every hecto.

Now I go into a new period ie to keep the weight. Feels scary and very brain-spooked. But I’m going to make it!!!

What did you weigh before surgery? What do you weigh today?

At the weigh-in I weighed 112.3 kilos (my maximum weight a couple of years earlier was 125 kg) and today 18 months after surgery I weigh 69.5 kilos. I was not one of those who plummeted in weight ie many I have followed in social media have lost 42 kilos in 6 months and for me it took 18 months of hard work. So worth it but I wasn’t prepared for it to go at this rate. Today I am grateful for it because I have really got to work into my new lifestyle ie work out, go walking, eat 6 meals with a lot of protein and regularly, take my vitamins and drink 2L water per day (and not at meal and 30 min after). I have really followed the rules but it has been tough psychologically when the wave does not always pay dividends at the pace you want.

What do you see today as the benefits of having surgery?

I have a healthy lifestyle. I feel strong. I’m not in pain. I feel nice in my clothes. I can play around with my dog. I can put my shoes on without getting out of breath. I’m really feeling good. I live my life the way I want to live it.

Is there anything you miss that you can no longer do (eating, drinking, other)?

Yes sometimes I feel depressed about not being able to cram myself into food. To really stuff your face as well. I can miss a really tasty Danish bread or a soft ice cream with dipped in chocolate. But you quickly learn to find what works. So there’s more of something coming over you in a minute or so just let go.

Do you have any advice to give to someone who is thinking of having surgery for obesitas/obesity disease?

My best advice: READ ON!!! I cannot underline this enough. Think it’s this step that many miss because you get desperate and resort to all available means to get a solution to hell. But take a deep breath and take the time to weigh the pros and cons. Operation is not for everyone and it is a very big change. You need to be well prepared to succeed, follow the advice that the clinic gives you and see it as a lifestyle change.

Attend the GB Obesita Information Meeting! I was empty on two different and it was useful because I was able to take in the information differently the second time. It made me convinced that this was right for decisions for me. Scary but right!

Also talk to your loved ones (feel free to ask them to come to a briefing so they can hear the same information and get an understanding of how it works). This process is difficult enough and you will need all the support you can get!

Finally, I would like to recommend the book “A life with sleeve” (works just as well to read if you are going to do a bypass).

Would you recommend GB Obesitas to someone else? If so, why?

Absolutely! The world’s best team that takes excellent care of you in every way.

Do you have any photos from before the op respectively today that you could share?

See attached photo. On the right side a month before my surgery at 112 kilos (BMI = 43) and on the left about 11/2years after my gastric bypass and I have lost 42 kilos (BMI = 27).

Quick facts

  • From 112 kg to 69 kg in 18 months
  • Lost 43 kg so far
  • Operated on April 2019
  • Feel strong and feel good for real
  • Have quickly learned what “works”