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“Hi! It’s great that you clicked through here. This can seriously be the most important text you have ever read.


Well, it is more dangerous to be overweight for men than for women. For example, a BMI of 40 in women results in a 200% increased relative risk of dying from illness -for men the corresponding figure is 350%! Yet it is only 20-25% of all who undergo bariatric surgery who are men (it should be at least 60%).

This probably has several causes. Women perhaps have a greater awareness of their own health than us men? Another strong contributory factor is surely our environment: the ideal of women today is that you should preferably be “perfect”-body, clothes, make-up, etc.

We men, however, will continue to “get away” with being whole and clean, have a clean, ironed shirt, nice car and OK job. Sort of. A bit categorically, I know-but you understand what I mean.

But beneath the surface this conceals a potentially dangerous problem: the overweight over time results in diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea -and shortens your life. If you undergo a bariatric operation -gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy- instead, you normalize your weight, get rid of the diseases and risks, can start exercising and get a longer and better life.

To give you some extra motivation here is a challenge:

First make an operation with us. If you then register for any official exercise race during the first two years after surgery, we will sponsor your registration fee and send you a GBO-training shirt to train or compete in! Run a mile, do the Swedish Vasaloppet (90k cross country on skis from Sälen to Mora) or take part in a bike race -just choose. Take the opportunity to give yourself a lighter, healthier and more physically fit life. Welcome! ”

Best regards,

Carl-Magnus Broden

Physician, 10 Vasaloppet races from the rear starting ranks

CEO, GB Obesitas Skåne