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Fast track surgery at GB Obesitas

By 16 May, 2019No Comments

If you can carry out a bariatric procedure in anaesthesia faster without the quality going down, then you have won a number of things: the patient is immobilized for a shorter period of time which reduces the risk of blood clots; the anaesthesia itself becomes shorter and produces less side effects.

Our surgical team led by Dr. Gislason has been working on creating as smooth processes around surgery as possible for more than ten years. We have two surgeons working on the patient at each surgery procedure, which reduces the surgical time for a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy to an average of 35 minutes. The turnaround time between two patients in the operating room is, thanks to good teamwork, 10-15 minutes (in the normal hospital environment the switching time between surgeries is often 30-60 minutes). This means that we can operate more patients per day, without any individual patient in any way getting worse care or attention. It also makes it possible for us to keep prices down on our private operating packages.

This fast track concept attracts other teams from Europe and the rest of the world to make study trips and learn how to get the flow to work better at their home clinics. These study visits are organized in cooperation with Medtronic -maybe you will meet a visiting colleague when you are staying with us!

The concept has also been described in research articles by our team (Link No. 1), and we have authored chapters on the subject in textbooks for bariatric surgeons – see below!

Gislason H, Jacobsen HJ, Bergland A, Aghajani E, Nergard BJ, Leifsson BG and Hedenbro J. Fast Track in Bariatric Surgery: Safety, quality, teaching aspects, logistics and cost-efficacy in 8000 consecutive cases. Book chapter in: Minimal Invasive Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. Principles and Technical Aspects. Eds. Lucchese M & Scopinario N. Springer 2015.

Link No 1: https://w ww.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22116595

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